Ambient Air Service: Air Monitoring Station

The Air Monitoring Station (AMS) - a proprietary device provided by Camfil - is an air quality monitoring device that monitors temperature, humidity, pressure and dust concentrations in real time.

By monitoring ambient conditions on a continuous basis, Camfil’s Air Monitoring service measures how well filters are responding in a given environment. It provides long term trends to help predict remaining life, and provides data to model filter upgrades to determine the best solution for your site.

  • Real-time, wireless continuous monitoring of site conditions
  • Measures relative humidity, ambient dust concentrations, barometric pressure and temperature
  • Easy to install
  • Monitor seasonal changes or unexpected events
  • Requires standard electrical supply



All gas turbine and turbomachinery applications
Installation options
The Air Monitoring Station installation requirements include:
  • Power source (utility voltage, 120V/240V power)
  • Mounting area 12x12x6 in
  • Non-hazardous/Safe area
  • Cellular/GSM reception required

Hardware features include::

  • 1x dual pressure transmitter to measure pressure on 2x filter stages (IP54 rated, 0-10" w.g.)
  • Particle counter measures PM1, PM2.5, PM10
  • Full set of ambient conditions sensor (temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure) 

Please contact your local representative for a scope of air sampling services offered in your country.