Hemipleat Extreme Media Cartridge Filters

HemiPleat eXtreme media offers significant filtration<br/>efficiencies over other nano fiber brands due to a<br/>proprietary tri-layered technology. This technology allows us to use our standard base materials, adding the two additional layers without compromising the pressure drop of our material combined. This technology also insures a better bond of eXtreme fibers to its base over standard<br/>nanofibers on the base substrate.

  • MERV 15 efficiency rating – higher than the base paper rating of MERV 10 and competitors’ MERV 13 Nano Web product.
  • Delivers long-term low-pressure drop on difficult applications like laser and plasma cutting, welding, thermal spray, etc.
  • HemiPleat eXtreme coating is thick, durable and can be seen. Competitive nanocoatings are so thin they can’t even be seen—is it even there?


HemiPleat Separator Technology