Indoor Air Quality Forum 2017

Teaming up with qualified air quality specialists and educators in Stockholm, Camfil conducted studies on Sweden's most polluted street. Read more about the event and watch the highlight video below.

Noted speakers included Professor Lidia Morawska, Professor Bertil Forsberg, Professor Magnus Svartengren, Assistant Professor Per Gerde, Britta Permats, M.D., IAQ Expert Anders Hedström and Filtration Expert Ulf Johansson. 

The lectures covered a vast range of topics such as the future of air monitoring sensors, the effect of air pollution on our bodies, air quality of schools, subways and tunnels as well as energy savings versus health, research and testing capabilities. The audience participated in open discussions with challenging questions from the presenters throughout the day. The forum was spent sparking ideas and conversations focused on the idea that clean air is a human right, just like clean water!

“Clean air matters to me because it makes for a pleasant environment,” Morawska said. “But, it’s also important to have the professional knowledge of what polluted air does.”

Gathering the presenters on stage, the last hour was spent with an open panel discussion where the presenters answered questions together, some with similar answers and some with disputing answers.

"Facts about IAQ were raised to the panel and the conclusion around the carcinogenic risk from small particles within the PM1 range were clear," Hedström said. "Also, the panel questioned the legislation about IAQ and what recommendations were realistic or not. In turn, Prof. Morawska updated the audience on the conversations going on in WHO (World Health Organization) and how the next step must be to put pressure on politicians."

This concluded the conference with lots of dialogue and everyone in the room ready to go out and inspire a clean air revolution with hopes of the forum becoming a yearly or biyearly event.

IAQ Forum Trosa 2017

See highlights from the day as well as interviews from key speakers and attendees. 

Presentations included:

“The advancement of technologies and their impact on IAQ” – Professor Lidia Morawska, advisor of WHO (World Health Organization)
“Adverse effects of fine particles from pregnancy and birth to cognitive aging and dementia – recent findings” – Professor Bertil Forsberg
“Clean air – Yes! But how to put pollutants back in for research and remedy?” – Assistant Professor Per Gerde
“Our future – Ventilation in schools” – Britta Permats, M.D.
“Air filtration – The day after tomorrow” – Ulf Johansson, Filtration Expert
“IAQ in a historical view” – Anders Hedström, IAQ Expert
Created Tuesday, 18 December 2018