Tenkay Filter Housing

The Tenkay gas turbine air filtration system is a single stage self-cleaning system using cylindrical filter elements. The elements are arranged vertically in rows and sealed positively to the clean air plenum. The cleaning system is typically activated as a function of dust loading and avoids large increases in pressure drop in events, such as dust storms. In environments where coarse dust or snow accumulation can plug a filter, this kind of self-cleaning systems allows full continuous operation at a low stable pressure drop. Our Tenkay UpFlow Filter Housing has the following benefits:

  • Self-cleaning cartridge filters for high efficiency and low pressure drop
  • For dust/snow prone areas
  • It offers limited flexibility to adapt your filter solution to changing environmental/operational conditions
  • Improves engine efficiency & availability with a limited selection of filters
  • Easy and quick filter change
  • Built-in rain protection
  • Better pulse cleaning performance
  • Positive sealing to eliminate by-pass risk


Arctic environments
Desert environments, or areas prone to dust storms

Contact your nearest Camfil office for sizing, staging and configurations choice. Ask us for a Life Cycle Cost evaluation based on your site conditions and/or request an on-site evaluation of your site conditions to validate the required level of protection.
Filter concerns
Particles (coarse)
Installation options
A single cartridge filter stage; from M6-E12 efficiency
Other features can be added depending on the environment, such as an air inlet cooling system
Can be supplied in painted carbon steel or stainless steel
Gold Cone or Gold Series filter option for increased media area and pulsing performance
Can be supplied with our patented HemiPleat filters
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