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HEPA FILTRATION - Changing trends, key advances and associated costs

Watch our webinar as Camfil experts, Benjamin Ruehl and Alan Sweeney discuss the key advances in HEPA filtration. From Glass Fibre media to the emergence of Multi Fibre Polymeric HEPA media. Learn about the key criteria you should evaluate when choosing the right HEPA filter for your applications.

Molecular Filtration: Odour Control in Industrial and Commercial environments

One use of Molecular filtration is to control smells and odours. These odours can be caused from many different sources and need to be treated depending on their concentrations. Join Dr. Chris Ecob as he discusses the use of Molecular filtration to control odours and the testing methods available

Terminal HEPA housings and BIBO containments systems for clean room and controlled environments

Supply air and exhaust air housings are key components to your controlled environments. Learn from Fabrice Dorchies and Volker Parkkoin as they discuss what characteristics you should look for in your Terminal HEPA housings and BIBO containment systems

Created April 30, 2020
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