Virus Contamination Control

Virus Contamination Control

Millions of viruses dawdle in the air and the surfaces that can easily transmit with a simple contact. Bodily fluids like saliva or mucus can get dispersed into the air as tiny droplets when someone coughs or sneezes. According to scientists, coughs and sneezes can travel several feet and stay suspended in the air for up to 10 minutes and viruses on the surface can survive for hours at room temperature. Also, airborne transmission through small particles (< 5 microns), which may stay airborne for hours and can be transported long distances.

Camfil's team is dedicated and passionate about providing clean indoor air through advanced air filtration solutions to help fight the risk of harmful pathogens such as COVID-19 in the indoor environment. Here you will find articles, tips, guides, and information related to virus contamination and solution to control this contamination in the indoor air.

Protecting employees from harmful pathogens

Created December 21, 2020

We spend up to 90% of our time indoors which can easily lead to infecting our surroundings. When we cough and sneeze, we secrete small drops that can spread several meters and stay suspended in the air for a long time. Once the droplets have fallen on surfaces, viruses and bacteria can survive for several days depending on the environment and conditions.

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Reducing the risk of infection through virus by combating the air pathogens 

Created February 25, 2020

Combating the virus in the air. Maintaining a good level of hygiene and covering the mouth with a mask are good ways to stay protected but is this enough? Maintaining a hygienic and sanitary environment along with protection from those infected are vital as the virus thrives in contaminated conditions.

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Tips to ensure good indoor air quality 

Created January 8, 2020

As temperatures plummet and winter weather starts to bite, heating systems are switched on. Well insulated, airtight modern houses are highly efficient at retaining this warmth, but they also keep in less welcome things such as fumes from central heating systems, wood burners and open fires.

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