HEPA Filter Replacement

Camfil's service technicians can provide on-site change over and replacement of HEPA filters within your existing installations and perform HEPA filter integrity testing to meet Australian Standards.

Our HEPA filter replacement services cater to a variety of industries, including:


Depending on client requirements, the following is carried out during a typical HEPA filter replacement:

  • Existing housing screens or fascias are opened or removed to reveal the HEPA filter
  • The existing HEPA filter is carefully removed to ensure the mounting system is not disturbed
  • For gel seal HEPA housings, the knife edge is cleaned thoroughly ready for installation of the new HEPA filter
  • For gasket seal HEPA housings, the gasket seal face is cleaned thoroughly ready for installation of the new HEPA filter
  • The new HEPA filter is installed firmly, but not over-tightened, allowing adjustments to be made after testing, if required
  • Relevant NATA accredited testing is performed, which may include HEPA filter integrity testing, air change rates and room pressure
  • Any adjustments to the HEPA filter frame is made to ensure the installation meets Australian Standards
  • At the conclusion of our comprehensive testing, a detailed analysis report is provided and a NATA endorsed certificate of compliance to verify HEPA filter integrity and any other relevant matters as per Australian Standard specifications
  • Used HEPA filters are typically boxed and sealed upon completion of the filter replacement job and returned to Camfil for ethical disposal. Please note, specialist disposal services may be required for HEPA filters that have been used in conjunction with biological or containment applications


Camfil offers an extensive range of mini pleat HEPA filters, gasket seal HEPA filters, gel seal HEPA filters, high temperature HEPA filters and high velocity HEPA filters.

Our HEPA filters are manufactured from the highest quality of materials under strict quality control conditions and are certified to ensure performance under the most critical of conditions for performance and leak-free operation.

For more information on Camfil's HEPA filters, visit our HEPA product page.