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Combination filters


Camfil’s City-Flo filter combines all the benefits of a Hi-Flo bag filter with a high-performance carbon media layer. It is the optimum solution for non-specific low level odour control and enhanced IAQ in comfort ventilation applications.

  • Double function: particle and molecular filtration
  • Range of standard sizes
  • Can be used to upgrade existing installations
  • Ideal for filtering low concentrations of most external and internal source pollutants
  • Robust metal header frame
  • “2 in 1” solution
Application: Particle and odour removal in Hospitals, Offices, Airports etc.
Type: Multi pocket particle and molecular filter.
Frame: Galvanised steel.
Media: Glass fibre and broad spectrum carbon.
EN779:2012 efficiency: F7 (80-85%).
Temperature: 50°C maximum in continuous service.
Humidity: 70% RH maximum.
Holding frames: Front and side access holding frames are available: Type 8, Type L and FC Housings.

The City-Flo filter utilizes a highly effective broad spectrum carbon media layer to ensure removal of a very wide range of airborne chemicals.

The broad spectrum carbon operates with a Rapid Adsorption Dynamics (RAD) mechanism that is specifically designed to be highly efficient against the multiple chemicals that are typically present in low or moderate concentrations in city-centre buildings or other locations.

City-Flo is a very effective ozone filter with an 80% ozone removal efficiency or Oz8 ozone removal rating according to the unique Camfil Farr system.

The City-Flo filter provides particle filtration in classes F7 or F9 according to EN 779 (2002). A high media area ensures high efficiency, long life and low pressure drop.


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