HemiPleat® Conductive Cartridge Filters

HemiPleat® conductive filters provide high filtration efficiency, long service life, and energy-efficient performance with anti-static properties. We use a special carbon-impregnated media designed for use where conveyed dusts generate static charges that require dissipation. Conductive cartridges can also be used on dusts that are explosive to meet NFPA requirements for grounded media. The HemiPleat anti-static media is available in the full selection of HemiPleat cartridge styles to fit virtually all new and existing cartridge dust collectors. It is also the only filter to combine anti-static properties with an award-winning, patented open-pleat design. This results in better airflow through the cartridge and better cleaning characteristics, providing energy-efficient performance and long life.


Fumed silica dust
PVC or composite dusts
Carbon black/toner dusts
Max temperature (°C)
71 °C
HemiPleat Separator Technology
Media: HMPTC – PolyTech™ Conductive (color: black) – MERV 10 proprietary blend of cellulosic fibers and polyester fibers with a moisture-resistant silicone treatment for optimum dust release characteristics, yielding long service life at high filtration efficiencies. Chemically treated and impregnated with carbon for static dissipation.