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Filter Awareness Simulation Tool

FAST is a powerful tool designed to help you quickly see how your filters will impact the total cost of ownership of your gas turbine filters. Discover the most cost-effective approach tailored to your specific needs.

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How it works

Enter Information

  • Site Location
  • Gas Turbine Output (MW)
  • Application (Power Gen Baseload, Offshore, etc.)

Results analysis

Find the optimal solutions based on the lowest cycle cost analysis. Understand the cost:

  • Cost of fouling
  • Cost of downtime
  • Cost of pressure
  • Direct filter costs

Compare configurations

Experiment with different filter configurations and compare them to the optimal solutions.

  • Number of filter stages
  • Final filter efficiency
  • Type of filter
  • Final filter life

What You’ll Discover

results chart

Value Rating

Understand the impact of each final filter solution on gas turbine performance, including power output and fuel effiency


CO₂ Savings

See the environmental benefits with each filter solution

Site Environmental Analysis

  • Dust concentration
  • Salt concentration
  • Minimum filtration requirements

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