Turbomachinery filters

Turbomachinery filters

​​​Air inlet filtration systems are essential for the operation of gas turbines and other turbomachinery. We breathe about 15 kg of air each day while a 15 MW engine will ingest about 4,300 tons of air in the same day.

If particles enter the machinery, they can cause erosion, fouling or corrosion of the turbine internals. To avoid unnecessary damage to the machinery, we provide gas turbine filters which meet the most stringent demands for burst strength, particle filtration efficiency and life time from the OEM turbine manufacturers.
There are two main types of filtration systems, static and pulse, also known as self cleaning systems. Filtration takes place in one or several stages with increasing filtration efficiencies from T2 up to T13.
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Bag air filters or pocket air filters are mainly used as pre/first stage filters in the gas turbine filtration air inlet. They protect the final filters by removing coarse impurities and act as coalescers to remove smaller water droplets from the air stream.

Compact or mini-pleat filters are high efficiency turbine air filters that are used as second and/or third stage filtration for gas turbine, diesel and gas, enclosure, generators, wind turbine and industrial air compressor filter applications.

Our cartridge air filters, both static and self-cleaning filters, are available in vertical (updraft) or horizontal (crossflow) designs to best suit your system of choice.

Panel filters are typically used as first-stage filters for gas turbine inlet systems. A high performance panel filter will protect the downstream filter stages by removing larger particles such as pollen and other coarse impurities as well as water droplets.