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Air filters & acoustics for turbomachinery

Power Systems

Camfil Power Systems specializes in air inlet and acoustical systems for turbomachinery, including gas turbines, generators, industrial air compressors and diesel engines.

Our engineering experts continuously strive to protect this high-value equipment by designing the best filtration and acoustical solutions to meet the priorities and requirements of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), engineering procurement construction companies (EPCs), operators and end users. They can be assured that their equipment will operate in the most profitable way, with maximum availability and reliability.

Power Systems' Solutions 

Thanks to more than 50 years of experience in air intake filter and acoustical solutions for turbomachinery applications, we have over 2,000 customer references worldwide for power generation, oil and gas and industrial air compressors.

We engineer and manufacture our solutions to the highest standards and equip them with proprietary Camfil filters to ensure that customers operate their assets reliably and efficiently.

Full range of systems & services

We offer complete air inlet filtration and acoustical systems (inlet silencers, noise enclosures), including a variety of options for anti-icing and cooling. Site services include air analyses, site surveys, upgrades and refurbishments.

Our teams in Sweden, Germany, Canada, India and China also work closely with Camfil’s subsidiaries, agents and distributors to educate our customers about filtration with a view to improving and retrofitting their existing systems or defining the optimum solution for new equipment investments.


The main drivers for the operation of turbomachinery equipment will vary from customer to customer and from one location to another. Understanding the unique needs and detailed requirements of each customer remains our first priority, as does the environmental challenges at hand. We then optimise solutions based on each customer’s priorities, operating needs and local environmental conditions.

Filtration solutions for today's advanced turbomachinery 

Turbomachinery technology has evolved tremendously over the last decades. In-depth studies of thermodynamics, computerised fluid dynamics, and the use of more exotic materials and innovative technologies have boosted the efficiency of this equipment to a much higher level.

However, all these developments have also made turbomachinery more susceptible to fine particulates that cause fouling and corrosion, leading to more rapid degradation of performance. At the same time, stricter emission regulations have changed the particulate distribution dramatically, requiring more efficient and newer technologies on the filtration side that are adapted to changing environmental conditions.

These new requirements call for filtration systems of increasingly high efficiency. To ensure the optimum design, our unique R&D centre in Sweden offers a dedicated test rig for turbomachinery applications. Here, tests are conducted with the latest technologies to develop new filters matching new customer demands.

No matter where on the globe you have a turbomachinery application, Power Systems provides the knowledge, expertise and R&D facilities to assess, analyse and recommend optimal solutions.

According to ISO 9001:2015 we must display the following statement. Bureau Veritas ISO external auditors annually check this as a part of their audit when they visit us.


Our success is based on the ability to market and to sell our products and services. Securing and improving this ability is directly linked to their quality, their reliability and the value for money ratio.