Improved filter CHANGE OUTS

FastFrame - For quicker filter installations

The number of air filters that a facility can have can vary depending on its size, function and air quality requirements. This can range from as small as 1 filter to as large as 20,000+ filters for one building. As you can imagine changing out one filter is a quick and easy process but changing out multiple filters can be a labour intensive exercise. The Camfil FastFrame has been designed to help to reduce the installation time of air filters on your site, freeing your team up to focus on other tasks

FastFrame Vs Standard FHF

Reducing operational downtime by 30%

Some critical environments experience operational downtime during routine filter change-outs. Using the FastFrame a Datacentres based in the US has been able to reduce the number of filter changeout days from 3 days to 2 days. This has  reduced the operational downtime during filter changouts by over 30%

About the FastFrame

Camfils FastFrame is designed to help reduce Labour time during filter changeouts. The design ensures quick installation and removal of filters to optimise the time spent on the task. The design ensures that no filter clamp manipulation is needed for install. The FastFrame has been designed to hold a variety of filters from panel filters, Bag filters and compact filters. The FastFrame can also hold dual stage filtration with two filters being held within one filter frame
Created Monday, 21 June 2021