CamCube HF-CC

  • For CamCarb cylindrical molecular filters with max depth 600 mm
  • Build-in thermal insulation
  • Corrosivity class C4 for Aluzinc housing material
  • Leakage class C acc. EN 15727
  • Easy maintenance
  • Possible installation of 2 stages of particle filters
Item Type Width (mm) Height (mm) Depth (mm)
CamCube HF-CC 0510 392 692 1170
CamCube HF-CC 0505 392 392 1170
CamCube HF-CC 1010 692 692 1170
CamCube HF-CC 1015 692 992 1170
CamCube HF-CC 1020 692 1292 1170
CamCube HF-CC 1510 992 692 1170
CamCube HF-CC 1520 992 1292 1170
CamCube HF-CC 2010 1292 692 1170
CamCube HF-CC 2015 1292 992 1170
CamCube HF-CC 2020 1292 1292 1170
CamCube HF-CC 2030 1292 1892 1170
CamCube HF-CC 2520 1592 1292 1170
CamCube HF-CC 2530 1592 1892 1170
CamCube HF-CC 3020 1892 1292 1170
CamCube HF-CC 3025 1892 1592 1170
Cam-Cube HF-CC 3030 1892 1892 1170


CamCube HF-CC is a flexible range of filter housings for cylindrical molecular filters having a maximum length of 600 mm, combined with 1 stage of particle filters (bag or compact header) and with an optional rail for particle pre-filter panels (48 or 96 mm depth). Housings are used in comfort and industrial applications.
Max temperature (°C)
60°C -70°C
Aluzinc (except handles, hinges and accessories)
Installation options
Left hinged service door from factory, can be changed on site.
Molecular filter types: CamCarb XG or CamCarb CM filled with different types of adsorbents depending on application. See the relevant product catalogue page for further information.
Particle filter types: All filters shall have external dimensions 592x592 mm.
Optional first stage using 48 mm particle panel filters. 96 mm depth is possible in certain configurations.
Second stage using bag filters such as Hi-Flo with maximum pocket depth of 370 mm when combined with CamCarb XG/CM 3500 or a depth of 520 mm when combined with other cylindrical products. Alternative second stage using compact filters with 25 mm header frames such as Opakfil.
Other standard features: Adjustable feet, factory mounted pressure ports, guide for housing connection, 45 mm thermal insulation. The door is hinged on the left or right and the orientation may also be changed on site.
Other options: Lockable handles. Flange for housing connection. Stainless steel SS EN 1.4301 housing material.
Filter housing material: Aluzinc (except handles, hinges and accessories).

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