Predictive Analytics Service: PowerEye

PowerEye predictive maintenance service delivers the insights you need to shift from reactive to proactive mode. We install an Air Monitoring Station to provide accurate information about the ambient air around your facilities. Our proprietary algorithm predicts how different filters, ambient dust levels and changing weather patterns will affect the performance of your gas turbine compressor. Then we accurately predict day ahead power output, optimize water wash frequency, and forecast when filters should be changed out to prevent high pressure drops that derate your engine. 24/7 online insights about heat rate degradation, compressor efficiency and gas turbine power output can save you thousands or millions in operating expenses. There are three levels of service that you can choose from to suit your needs – PowerEye Lite, PowerEye Pro and PowerEye Max. Learn More

  • 24/7 monitoring of your ambient site conditions with Camfil's proprietary Air Monitoring Station (AMS)
  • Prediction of day-ahead gas turbine power output
  • Trends pressure drop  and predicts the optimal time to replace your filters
  • Predicts the optimal time offline water wash your gas turbine compressor
  • Continuously monitor pressure drop, compressor efficiency and heat rate



All gas turbine and turbomachinery applications
Installation options
The Air Monitoring Station installation requirements include:
  • Power source (utility voltage, 120V/240V power)
  • Mounting area 12x12x6 in
  • Non-hazardous/Safe area
  • Cellular/GSM reception required

Hardware features include:

  • 1x dual pressure transmitter to measure pressure on 2x filter stages (IP54 rated, 0-10" w.g.)
  • Particle counter measures PM1, PM2.5, PM10
  • Full set of ambient conditions sensor (temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure) 
PowerEye pulls data from three main sources – the Air Monitoring Station, the facility site historian* and an online weather service. The Air Monitoring Station is a proprietary device – provided by Camfil – that monitors temperature, humidity, pressure and dust concentration in real time. 

Once collected in the PowerEye analysis server, all data is run through the PowerEye Predictive Analytics Engine. This engine features intelligence from Camfil’s extensive filtration database – including load data on all types of filters. The PowerEye engine calculates the impact of ambient conditions and inlet filtration on the performance of your combustion turbines.

Your PowerEye service agreement includes proactive support from a team of filtration experts. You can access all data and predictions through email or via a web-based dashboard with up to 25 users per facility.

Available in PowerEye Lite, Pro and Max.

Please contact your local representative for a scope of air sampling services offered in your country. 


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