Filter housing for critical applications where the contaminants being removed by air filtration may present a hazard to those servicing the filters or occupants of the building.

  • Manufactured from 14-gauge painted carbon steel and offers a lightweight option to industrial level housings.
  • Includes all-welded joints and junctures to ensure that all air passes through the filters and that there is no leakage from inside of the housing to room ambient.
  • Includes a door opening integral bagging ring configured with ridges to facilitate a safe filter change without jeopardizing the safety of the service person
  • Includes a removable access door of the same construction components and performance integrity as the housing.
  • Includes a fully welded filter mounting frame that facilitates the installation of a gasket seal Absolute particulate filter or HEGA. The frame will accept a standard box HEPA filter configuration allowing for
  • upgrade to energy-saving filter configurations or additional airflow in air-starved applications.
  • An optional visual inspection port allows confirmation of filter and bag installation.
  • Available with an optional 2” prefilter for high loading applications to increase the life of the HEPA or HEGA filter.
  • Is guaranteed to 10” w.g.
  • May be installed for up-flow or down-flow applications
  • Includes one 8-mil plastic change-out bag per door.
  • Is available with an aerosol mixing module and filter evaluation kit.


Critical hospital areas
Animal facilities
Pharmaceutical manufacturing or processing
Safety or hazardous handling laboratories
Industrial or chemical facility processing
Biotech and bio-safety applications.

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