Cam-Flo XLT

High strength synthetic media bag filter.

  • High strength synthetic media bag filter that maintains efficiency over time
  • May be used in hostile environments, moisture, turbulence, etc., operational to 2500 cfm
  • ICON42 UL logo


Multi-pocket, maintained high efficiency filter with synthetic media for commercial applications.
Filter Frame
Recommended final pressure drop
2x Initial pressure drop
Ratings: UL Class 900.
For more details: Product Sheet 1319

Articles related to Cam-Flo

Say Goodbye to Fouling and Pressure Spikes!

Say Goodbye to Fouling and Pressure Spikes!

CamGT 3V-600 static final filters and Cam-Flo GT Hybrid pocket air filters eliminate 6 offline washes per year, improve gas turbine compressor efficiency, and boost power output for a Singaporean coastal cogeneration power plant.

Case Studies Energy and Power Systems
Offshore Air Intake Retrofit Increases Availability

Retrofit of a Thailand Offshore Air Intake Filter System Improves gas turbine efficiency, Reduces Engine Degradation, Optimizes Turbine Maintenance, and Increases Uptime with high efficiency filters

Frequent pressure and short filter replacement intervals led to high operational costs. Camfil's Cam-Flo air intake pre-filters and CamGT EPA air filters met their goal of 8000 hours of life and reduced pressure drop by 50%.

Case Studies Manufacturing and Machinery Energy and Power Systems

Combined Cycle Plant installs a CamLab on-site for 3 months to test filters & LCC shows $900 000 USD savings over a 6-year timeframe

Egat North, the largest energy producer in Thailand, upgraded to Hi-Flo and CamClose air intake pre-filters as well as CamGT final EPA air filters and lowered degradation by 70%, reduced water wash requirements, and saved approximately $1.24M USD per year.

Case Studies Manufacturing and Machinery Energy and Power Systems

Gas Turbines Breathe New Life

Camfil designs a static EPA retrofit gas turbine filtration solution for LM6000 turbines to ensure they deliver reliable power & heating to the district. The result of the upgrade was 3x more filter life, reduction in CO2 emissions by 1 100 tons per year, and fuel consumption savings of 650 000 Sm3 per year.

Case Studies Energy and Power Systems

Manufacturing Industry Air Cleaners

In the Manufacturing Industry Air Quality can be compromised by the production processes.

Air cleaners and air purifiers

Air Cleaners in Hospitals

Find out how Camfil solutions can help you protect your patients and staff in your hospital

Life science and healthcare Air cleaners and air purifiers

Watch and Learn

If you are looking to expand your knowledge on the impact of air filtration on your gas turbines and other turbomachinery, look no more!

Education and Experience Energy and Power Systems

Tata Power Trombay retrofits their filtration system to improve corrosion, pressure drop, and diverter dampers within deadline

Tata Power Ltd, India's largest integrated power company requests Camfil for a Cam-Flo pocket bag filter and CamGT static air filter retrofit after heavy hot corrosion in the gas turbine and high pressure drop jeopardized performance and safety.

Case Studies Energy and Power Systems