Camfil and Sustainability

For over half a decade Camfil has been talking about high-performance products with low pressure drop. Low pressure drop is important in air filtration because it directly relates to the amount of energy needed to push air through a filter.

In the beginning, high performance was usually associated with protecting processes and the energy savings were mostly related to cost. Over time, this has changed. While safeguarding significant performance properties for our filters remain highly important, we are pleased our customers now talk about protecting people’s health and lowering energy consumption to become more sustainable.


At Camfil, we provide a replacement product which puts pressure on us to deliver filters with the least possible effects on the environment. Several examples are given in this report, such as reducing the environmental impact of filter frames by switching to reground plastic.Over the years, we have constantly focused on minimizing the environmental footprint of our products, however, by reflecting on ourselves, we see we can really make a change by supplying our customers with products delivering high filtration and energy efficiency. Our Life Cycle Analysis calculations show, for example,that approximately 90 percent of the environmental impact of a filter comes from the usage phase of the filter. Therefore, a 10 percent reduction in energy consumption would have an impact as big as the total raw material impact.


Going forward, we are also dedicated to focusing on one more area: the positive impact of clean air on people and health.Just to indicate the magnitude of clean air’s beneficial effects, we can look at the operating costs for an office building. According to REHVA Guidebook 6, utilities represent slightly more than one percent of the total cost, while salaries are approximately 84 percent of total costs. If poor air quality increases employee absenteeism and reduces work efficiency, it can easily cost much more than the whole cost spent on energy. What would happen if we could instead increase productivity by 1 percent by providing clean air and a healthier work environment? At Camfil, we believe this can be accomplished with the right air quality.

The information above mostly pertains to the environmental impact of our filters, but as you will read in this report, we have a bigger approach to sustainability where we look at our role as an employer and how we work with suppliers, distributors and customers to protect human rights, comply with trade regulations and ensure that we help prevent corruption. Clean air is our passion, and we believe it should be a human right. Don’t you agree?

Erik Markman
Vice Chairman Board of Directors 

This interview is from Camfil's Sustainability Report 2018

Created July 5, 2019
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