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TurboBoost: CamGT Filter Line

Camfil understands the pressure faced by power producers and oil & gas operators around the world to improve operational efficiency while reducing cost. You need to squeeze maximum performance from your turbomachinery fleets. That’s why Camfil developed the CamGT line of inlet filters – to boost the performance of your gas turbines to deliver more power, more uptime and ultimately – more profits.

CamGT filters are engineered to excel in extreme environments where your turbomachinery are threatened by high humidity, salt-laden air and heavy pollution or particulates. They are optimized for EPA efficiency and hydrophobicity to virtually eliminate fouling, corrosion and maintenance downtime, all at a lower and stable pressure drop.

Boost Power

Optimized for EPA efficiency, the CamGT filters are the best performing on the market. Degradation issues are virtually eliminated, keeping your engine in pristine condition.
Despite the high efficiency grade, pressure drop remains at a low and stable value, even in extreme conditions.


Boost Uptime

Advanced hydrophobic media and our patent pending double sealed construction eliminates water bypass and dissolved salts from entering your gas turbine. Fouling and corrosion are therefore no longer a risk, eliminating the risk of unplanned downtime for engine maintenance.
Low and stable pressure drop reduces the risks of spikes and the need to replace filters, allowing you to align your change-out with your annual outage schedule.


Boost Profits

Reduced operating expenses can significantly impact your bottom line, and is a is a result of lower degradation, lower maintenance requirements, and lower pressure drop. In addition, you can substantially lower your fuel consumption and improve your profits from producing lower CO2 emissions per MWh.The CamGT filters are carefully designed to deliver the lowest total cost of ownership.





With a global installed base of tens of thousands of filters, CamGT is a trusted solution for extreme conditions such as Offshore or Coastal environments where some of these filters have been safely operating for over 40,000 hours on the field!

  CamGT 3V-600



The CamGT 3V-600, with its extended depth and media area, is the ultimate high performance GT filter. It packs in all the high performance features of the line:

  • The original vertical pleat with interrupted hot melt for improved drainage and low operating pressure drop
  • The patented aerodynamic grid for reduced pressure drop and increased strength : over 6250Pa, even when wet!
  • The patented double sealed construction and hydrophobic media eliminates the risk of dissolved contaminants or salts by-pass.

The extended depth and optimized geometry and media area delivers the longest life at the lowest and most stable pressure drop on the market - maximazing profitability with every MWhr produced.

  CamGT 3V-440


CamGT 4V-300



Our CamGT lines includes 2 additional sizes, 440mm (17") depth and 300mm (12") depth.

The filters includes all the high performance features of the line:

  • A new patented drainage vane design improves drainage even further
  • The original vertical pleat with open hotmelt for improved drainage and low operating pressure drop
  • The patented double sealed construction and hydrophobic media eliminates the risk of dissolved contaminants or salts by-pass, eliminating corrosion risks and reducing fouling
  • The patented aerodynamic grid featuring an optimized air exiting vane reduced pressure drop even further and ensures strength : over 6250Pa, even when wet!

The new and improved filter geometry reduces the construction pressure drop even further.

This level of protection prevents pressure spikes and unplanned downtime from offline water washes. It also prevents hot corrosion that increases heat rate and robs your engines of power. And with a longer filter life, you can plan your filter changes to match up with regular maintenance intervals. And the depth options allows you to match your maintenance interval needs even better.


The Value Rating

The easiest way to select the best filters for your gas turbines

The filters you select to protect your gas turbines can have a huge impact on your operations. Low efficiency filters lead to fouling and higher pressure drop that rob your turbines of energy output and cause an increase in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Powered by Camfil, the Value Rating Label helps gas turbine users easily evaluate the efficiency and quality of gas turbine final filters. Armed with this data, you can quickly compare the impact different filters will have on the performance of your turbines.

Use the Value Rating Calculator to evaluate your filters before you buy! Simply input the filter data to get a complete value rating.

First slide

Grade Model Output Rating
Fuel Penalty
MJ / MWh
CO2 Savings
tonnes / TWh
A++ CamGT 3V-600 E12 99.20% 0.40% 17 800
A++ CamGT 3V-440 E12 99.10% 0.40% 17 700
A++ CamGT 3V-600 E11 99.00% 0.50% 17 400
A++ CamGT 3V-440 E11 99.00% 0.50% 17 300
A+ CamGT 4V-300 E12 98.90% 0.40% 17 500
A+ CamGT 3V-440 E10 98.80% 0.60% 16 900
A+ CamGT 3V-600 E10 98.80% 0.60% 16 900
A+ CamGT 4V-300 E11 98.80% 0.50% 17 200
A CamGT 4V-300 E10 98.40% 0.70% 16 300
B CamGT 3V-600 F9 94.80% 2.60% 8 900
B CamGT 3V-440 F9 94.80% 2.60% 8 900
B CamGT 4V-300 F9 94.70% 2.60% 8 800
C CamGT 3V-440 F8 93.80% 3.10% 6 900
C CamGT 4V-300 F8 93.70% 3.10% 6 800
C CamGT 3V-600 F8 92.40% 3.80% 4 000
C CamGT 4V-300 F7 92.30% 3.80% 3 900
Created April 27, 2020
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