CamCube AS

  • Unique non-intrusive patented scanning system
  • Space saving installation
  • Advanced patended probe for reliable scanning
  • Built-in inspection lens and light
  • Leak-free guarantee
  • Built-in thermal insulation
Item Type Model Name Width (mm) Height (mm) Depth (mm)
CamCube AS-1010 CamCube AS 1010 707 707 650
CamCube AS-1020 CamCube AS 1020 707 1322 650
CamCube AS-1030 CamCube AS 1030 707 1937 650
CamCube AS-2010 CamCube AS 2010 1322 707 650
CamCube AS-2030 CamCube AS 2030 1322 1937 650
CamCube AS-2020 CamCube AS 2020 1322 1322 650


Filterhousing with integrated scanning system
Max temperature °C
Material (If not frame)
Filter: High airflow HEPA filter, in size 610x610x292 mm. See the relevant page in the catalogue for the technical data about filters
Filter clamping: Suitable for filters, in depth 292 mm. Tool for filter clamping hex key 5 mm
Note: The housing is reversible depending on airflow direction

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