CamCube is a flexible and compact range of filter housings for different types of filters, from bag filters to HEPA filters and others, and comes with a multiple-stage filtration option.

The CamCube filter housing was designed with performance and easy maintenance in mind. It is mainly used in the supply air for a wide variety of applications. CamCube can also be used as an exhaust air housing if contamination-free filter change with plastic bag is not required.

The CamCube range consists of:

CamCube AS for HEPA filters sized 610x610x292 mm,
with an integrated scanning system to perform integrity tests.
CamCube AD for compact filters such as HEPA filters sized 610x610x292 mm.
CamCube AC for compact filters such as HEPA filters sized 595x595x292 mm.
CamCube HF for bag- and compact filters with a 25 mm header frame.
CamCube CC for carbon cylinders.

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