Installation & Filter Change

Installation & Filter Change

Installation Services

The delivery scope from Camfil often contains a lot of items and systems (filter housings, support structures, enclosures, ventilation, etc.). To get these systems working properly, as well as to complete the installation with time and man power efficiency, it is essential that the items are installed in the correct order, with the right equipment and to the installation tolerances. As this may prove difficult for an onsite installation crew with no prior experience with Camfil products, we offer an onsite installation advisor to help your installation crew do their job correctly and efficiently.

The advisor will save total installation time by making sure everything is installed in the correct order and in a correct way, thus reducing risk for questions, mistakes and having to rework/reassembly items. 

Filter Changes

Air inlet systems can contain hundreds, and in some cases thousands of filters. Filter replacement takes a lot of manpower from the site that may not be available. Camfil filter experts offer a turn-key solution where we change out old filters for new ones.

You don’t have to worry about hiring an outside company/crew to do the installation work, nor do you have to use your own resources, or worry that the installation is done incorrectly. Camfil can take care of it!

Contact your local representative for a scope of installation services offered in your country.