Employee Commitment
The CamfilCairing Code

Camfil Cairing Code

To integrate sustainability and corporate citizenship in every aspect of our business strategy, we use an internal programme and a framework called CamfilCairing.

In 2009, we published and distributed the Camfilcairing Code, which embodies a number of undisputed principles regarding:

  • Our response to global challenges concerning energy efficiency
  • Indoor air quality
  • Control of business ethics in the supply chain with regard to sustainability performance
  • Environmental and safety policies
  • Risk management
  • Continuous improvement

Organised and managed at Group level by the Corporate Sustainability Manager, the CamfilCairing Code gives each local management enough freedom to implement policies and recommendations according to the economic, environmental and social contexts of their local operations. A coherent approach through corporate coordination with the CamfilCairing Network creates a standardised process for reporting sustainability metrics.

Respecting human rights and our Code of Conduct

At Camfil, we take human rights issues seriously. We are a member of the UN Global Compact and support and comply with the Compact’s ten principles, including human rights. The Compact emphasizes that companies should not merely comply with minimum human rights requirements. They should go beyond what is legislated to make positive contributions, by creating diverse workplaces, investing in communities, and engaging employees and society to promote collective action.

We respect all internationally proclaimed human rights as reflected in our Code of Conduct, which covers important topics like forced labour, child labour, freedom of association, working conditions and elimination of discrimination. Externally, Camfil’s suppliers are also required to follow this Code in their relations with Camfil. We also believe strongly in our area of expertise – clean air solutions – and believe that clean air should be a human right. Therefore, we use our knowledge, expertise and resources to create awareness and educate people on the topic.