ActiCarb filters are molecular filters that deliver outstanding performance in sensitive applications that demand extremely high efficiency and performance reliability.

ActiCarb filters are designed, constructed and factory tested to ensure superior efficiency in demanding applications that require reliability during both normal operation and accident conditions. Camfil originally developed this product to remove radioactive iodine in nuclear power applications. But because the filters offer a wide range of molecular filtration media, they can be used in many process applications where hazardous gases and vapours are encountered.
The filter is highly robust, and its design and construction have been validated through seismic testing on a vibration table. Every single filter undergoes a non-destructive leak test in the factory before it is approved for released to the customer. In many applications, ActiCarb filters are used in conjunction with a bag-in bag-out (BIBO) housing so that you can easily replace the filter and still ensure containment of the hazardous contaminant. Alternatively, the filters can be mounted on heavy-duty base plates with four screw-thread clamps.