Cambox Filter Housing


The filter housing is for the removal of hazardous dust and gas in laboratories, radiology departments and isolation wards.

CamBox is designed for full- and half-size module compact filters box type such as Absolute HEPA filters. The circular connections are available either with or without flange. The CamBox is available in two versions, one with safe change bag (BIBO- bag in bag out) for contamination-free filter change and one without.
The filter change is quick and easy thanks to the smart design of the housing. The knobs holding the hatch are hanged on four rods which are mounted on the housing. This means that there is no risk of losing the knobs while changing the filter.

The filter housing has been tested and qualified in our laboratory. The global and local leak have been checked under positive and negative pressure of 1000 Pa.
The CamBox achieves class 3 according to ISO 10648.