Sofilair is HEPA filters designed for high temperature up to 120°C for phamaceutical industry.

Sofilair is a Hepa filter with high airflow designed for the high temperature industry especially phamaceutical or hospital. The filter pack is constructed by pleating a continuous sheet of medium in a way that it becomes self-supporting without the use of metal separators. There is a continuous hotmelt separators ensure uniform pleat spacing and form a rigid self-supported media pack. The filter medium is a glass microfibers with a waterproofing binder. The media pack is permanently sealed into the V-bank shaped filter frame with a solid polyurethane sealant. The frame is a galvanized sheet metal with handle. Filter Gasket seal is a seamless polyurethane foam gasket applied to its flange. Every Sofilair filter is tested and certified as required by regulatories and is individually scan-tested and certified according to EN 1822:2009 and serialized on the product label.