Media Rolls

  • CM:
  • Smooth airflow through paint booths
  • Progressively built up thermal bonded polyester fibre
  • CDM 600:
  • Thermal bonded polyester fibre
  • Enhances laminar air flow patterns
  • Treated with special adhesive to prevent dust loss due to vibration
  • ICON7
Item Type ISO/PM rating Filter Class EN779 Filter Class ASHRAE Pressure drop Initial (Pa) Pressure drop (Pa) Velocity (m/s)
CM-355 Coarse 50% G3 MERV 6 30 30 1.0
CM-360 Coarse 50% G3 45 30 1.0
Camtex CDM-600 Coarse 85% M5 MERV 10 85 85 1.0
Camtex CDM-600 Coarse 85% M5 MERV 10 85 1.0


CM: For use as a prefilter in air conditioning, and spray booth ventilation
CDM: For fine filtration in air conditioning devices and installations, particularly final filtration in Automotive spray booths and drying cabinets.
Glass fiber, Synthetic
Relative Humidity
Recommended final pressure drop
150 Pa
Temperature max: 80ºC - 100ºC maximum in continuous service
Fire Rating: DIN53438 class F1 for CM, UL 900 for CDM
Filter Class ASHRAE