ABSOLUTE™ VGHF Compact Air Filter

Absolute™ VGHF

Absolute™ VGHF is an extra-high efficiency final filtration for air conditioning systems, housings or diffusers.

Absolute VGHF filters are HEPA-grade filters consisting of pleated media packs assembled into a V-bank configuration. Absolute VGHF are available in filter classes E10 to H13, with an MPPS of 85% and 99.95%, respectively. Filter media is pleated into individual mini-pleats separated by hot melt into a pleat-in-pleat V-bank design.

The media packs are potted into the enclosing frame with a fire-retardant polyurethane sealant.
An enclosing frame of ABS plastic or polypropylene forms a rugged and durable enclosure. A seamless sealing endless polyurethane gasket is included on the outlet side to eliminate the risk of air bypass for the H13 filter.

Class H13 filters are individually scan-tested and certified to EN 1822 and serialized on the product label.