Filter Elements For Camfil Dust Collectors

Filter Camfil Dust Collectors

Depending on the type of extraction system, Camfil uses round filter cartridges or flat filter plates in their dry dust collectors. To ensure a constantly high filtration and cleaning performance, the filters have to be replaced on a regular basis.

While Camfil´s dry dust collectors like the Gold Series or the Quantum Series are using round filter cartridges for cleaning the process exhaust air, the Handte MF system is equipped with flat filter plates.
Both types of filters are so-called pulse filters and convince due to their low-pressure drop through open pleat spacing, improved cleaning efficiency and reduced energy costs through less compressed air consumption during cleaning in many applications.

Cleaning of pulse filters is accomplished by the reverse jet pulse that emanates outward from inside, providing enhanced cleaning for more efficient operation, longer filter life and reduced service requirements.

Only original replacement filters in combination with a Camfil dust collector can provide the desired performance of a reliable and cost-saving extraction system. All filter elements for Camfil dust collectors are available with specially treated filter media to meet the application-specific needs of most industries. Thanks to our own filter production, we can always guarantee high-quality and tested products and short delivery.