Handte Venturi

The Handte Venturi is a high performance wet collector. An effective system with Venturi principle for meeting highest demands in efficiency and heavy loadings.

  • For demanding applications where dust loading is high
  • For sticky dusts containing fibers
  • The safest solution when dealing with flammable/combustible materials
  • No filter elements required
  • Low-maintenance


For demanding applications with high dust loading the Venturi is the most commonly used, high efficiency, unit. The Venturi injects water, via a pump, into the inlet of the unit. At this point, extremely high velocities are generated which create contact surfaces with the scrubbing liquid. The result is effective mixing of the scrubbing liquid and the contaminated air stream. The particle laded droplets are then separated from the airstream by centrifugal force.
Benefits of the Venturi:
• Safe and most cost effective solution for
combustible dusts
• Highest operational safety
• Low spare parts costs
• Space saving design
• Dust free maintenance
Selection of Components: Modular system components ensure the best possible use.

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