Gold Series High Vacuum

Camfil APC offers a complete range of High Vacuum (HV) dust collectors to provide the highest levels of extraction performance across a wide range of applications. In their simplest form, they provide a centralized cleaning operation to help maintain a hygienic and safe working environment.

  • Heavy-duty 10 and 7 gauge construction
  • Flanged, tangential inlet minimizes dust contacting the filters
  • Can be configured as a stand-alone dust collector or without hopper and support structure for bin vent applications


• Central vacuum dust collection(centralized cleaning operations)
• Multiple production machine dust extraction connections
• Material transfer (negative and positive pressure)
• Portable vacuum unit replacement
Horizontal explosion vent.
Bag-in bag-out filter access door for pharmaceutical/hazardous dusts.
Continuous liner discharge for pharmaceutical hazardous dusts.
Discharge collection devices such as a 55-gallon drum or self-dumping hopper.

A range of cartridge HV dust collector units are available, depending upon
the demands of the application. These proven dust collectors provide an
effective, reliable and safe solution for applications
across various industries including:
• Pharmaceutical
• Chemical
• Food and Beverage
• Mineral/Building Materials
• Metal/Engineering

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