Cleanseal side entry gel gasket

  • Quick grid locking for immediate access to filter
  • Long lasting reliability and tightness : robust fully welded construction
  • High corrosion protection against decontamination agents
  • Large choice of standardized sizes
  • Complete interchangeable diffusion plate range
  • For limited space above false ceiling


Turbulent airflow in clean rooms for limited space above false ceiling
Stainless steel
Connection: By ribbed circular inlet- continuously welded
For filters: MEGALAM MD/MX/MG gel gasket frame height (71/105/115mm) (to be ordered separately)
Filters mounting : Tool-less multi-height quick release lever clamp for immediate and secured clamping including gasket compression limiter and filter retainer
Control Equipment: room side access: 1 port for dp or 100%
Housing installation: by removable «universal blocks, for suspension by hangers, or integration into clean room ceiling panels, or fitting into T bar grids system
Diffusion plates (to be ordered separately): Flush hinged grids with “credit card” quick locking : Perforated, swirl, 4 ways, adjustable blades