The Kaire kitchen exhaust unit can be used to control light to heavy kitchen exhaust emissions in all types of cooking applications

Designed and manufactured in Australia, the Kaire kitchen exhaust unit is a reliable and cost effective kitchen exhaust filtration solution. The Kaire unit is a multi-staged filtration system that can be used in all types of cooking applications.

Designed to operate at 1.85m/s, the Kaire unit utilises three stages of particle filtration and a final odour removal stage to deliver a minimum 0.3 micron particulate removal efficiency of 95%+ (EN 1822.5:2009) and an initial contact efficiency of 99%+ with odours.

The Kaire unit’s standard one-piece factory construction utilising 2mm galvanised steel, ensures the structural integrity of the system and allows easy and simple installation. The Kaire unit can also be manufactured in three sections to allow for easy transport through existing buildings and doorways. These sections are then bolted together with internal flanges once in the final location.

To extend the life of the housing, the Kaire unit is available in a blue powder coated option and can be manufactured with weather lips to prevent the ingress of water. We strongly recommended selecting the powder coated option with weather lips when installing the Kaire unit outdoors.

The Kaire unit has three inbuilt pressure differential sensors and magnehelic gauges to monitor the pressure drop increase across the pre-filter, bag-filter and final filter. Once the pressure drop for each filter reaches the prescribed limit, filter replacement is recommended. Alternatively, 4-20ma pressure transmitters are available for easy connection to an existing building management system or remote display.