Absolute™ V

Absolute™ V

Absolute™ V-shaped air filters provide extra-high efficiency final filtration in air conditioning systems, housings and diffusers for systems that require a very high airflow and low pressure drop.

Absolute V filters are usually used in make-up-air or recirculation units as a final HEPA stage to protect terminal HEPA filters in cleanrooms. They can also be used in exhaust air to help remove all harmful ultra-fine particles, whether chemical, biological or radioactive.

Absolute V is available in filter classes E10 to H14, with an MPPS of 85% to 99.995%. For very high airflows greater than 3,400 m3/hr. The media is pleated using our patented controlled media spacing (CMS™) technology for optimal airflow and best media performance. Together with intermediate hot-melt separators, this ensures uniform pleat spacing and the ability to form a rigid self-supported media pack. The Absolute V gasket seal is a seamless polyurethane foam gasket applied to its flange that eliminates the risk of air bypass.

The Absolute V family includes Absolute VG and Absolute VE. Absolute VE feature an enclosing frame of galvanized sheet metal that forms a rugged and durable enclosure. Absolute VG is made from lightweight plastic and is completely fire combustible upon disposal.

Each Absolute V filter is individually tested and certified to EN 1822 with a separate scan test protocol and serialized on the product label.