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Improve your indoor air quality with a Camfil air cleaner

Created Tuesday, 16 February 2021
Camfil’s air cleaners and air purifiers clean the air of even the smallest particles. Our HEPA filters are so efficient that air must pass through a ventilation system three times to achieve the same level of air purification as from one circulation through our air cleaners. Aside from providing clean air, our air cleaners and air purifiers also offer a range of other benefits for your business, making them a smart investment.

benefits of investing in a camfil air cleaner

reduced energy costs

Efficient air purification means that indoor air can be circulated which means that you do not need to draw in and heat as much cold air from outside. Heating is made more efficient and the energy costs are reduced.

reduced need for cleaning

If you want to reduce cleaning, clean the air. Our filters purify the air and remove dust. When the air is completely free from particles and dust, your products are protected. Parts of the premises that are difficult to clean are kept clean for longer and the cleaning frequency may be reduced by up to 50 percent.

a better environment

We use Absolute Filters because they purify mechanically instead of electrostatically. Electrostatic and hybrid filters release harmful chemicals into the air such as ozone and free radicals. All our filters are environmentally labelled and are classified and standardised.

more efficient production

Air purifiers can be used in cleaning zones. This means that you can deliver extremely pure air to surfaces that are particularly sensitive while at the same time, other areas of the room can maintain a lower requirement level. This saves money and at the same time, the number of operational disturbances caused by dirt and dust is minimised.

healthier employees

Poor air quality can lead to headaches, asthma and irritation of the respiratory tract. Contaminated air affects both the health of the personnel and their performance. On the other hand, clean air results in reduced absence due to illness, improved work performance and an increased feeling of well-being.

how to position a camfil air purifier

By taking the existing ventilation, the temperature conditions of the room as well as problems in the form of dust and particle generation areas into account, we determine how purifier’s air purification units should be positioned for optimum efficiency. Below you will see some example diagrams of how positioning may appear in different rooms.


The ventilation supplies the room with oxygen rich air. Since the ceiling height is generous, the air purifier is suspended from the ceiling from where it supplies the entire room with a better and cleaner indoor environment. Since heat rises, the temperature is normally higher at the ceiling. The purifier remixes the air and raises the temperature at floor level which means that the heating costs may be reduced.


This type of ventilation involves the inflow of supply air travels along the floor and maintains a lower temperature than the air in the room. Therefore you should aim the purifier’s outlet in the same direction as the flow so that it works with the air flows and not against them.


In rooms with high ceilings, the most efficient solution is to combine a ceiling-suspended air purifier with a floor-standing unit. Because the larger particles fall to the ground considerably faster than nanoparticles, you can therefore handle each type of particle at the point where they are most commonly found.

camfil indoor air quality analysis

As an additional option for your air purifier system, you can choose Camfil IAQ Analysis which provides a direct picture of the air quality in your rooms. We monitor the air quality, and all measurements are saved in an IAQ database which contains millions of measurement values and benchmarks for the indoor environment and air quality.

As a customer, you have the option of viewing the analysis in real time at the time of measuring, and all measurements taken can easily be compared with each other. With the aid of a calibrated particle counter, the quantity of particles in the air can be examined. By subscribing to this service, you will, as a customer, always have a particle counter in place connected to a computer which monitors the indoor environment.