Dust collection

In domestic situations, dust can often be swept under the carpet, both figuratively and literally. This is not the case on construction sites and in factories where dust is a health threat that can, at its extreme, result in fatalities.  

Many construction jobs – including cutting, drilling, grinding, sawing, chiselling and breaking during demolition work – can create high dust levels, especially if the work is indoors or in enclosed or poorly-ventilated areas.


And manufacturing in a factory also involves the spread of potentially dangerous dust particles which must be neutralised to protect people’s health.


The struggle to implement effective dust control is so ubiquitous that firms up and down the UK are being targeted by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) in a series of inspections. Over the coming weeks, HSE is concentrating on industries such as construction, where occupational lung diseases are especially common.


Inspectors will visit businesses to see what measures have been put in place to mitigate the effects of the likes of asbestos, silica, and wood dust in the air. Where necessary, HSE will take enforcement action to ensure people are protected.


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