Quantum Series

The compact and powerful fine dust and fume extraction systems of the Quantum Series were especially designed to extract emissions for industrial applications like laser cutting, plasma cutting and laser welding. In another version the extraction system also can be used for manual welding and grinding applications.

  • Three sizes – the same footprint
  • Air volume from 1,500 m³/h up to 5,500 m³/h (900 cfm - 3,200 cfm)
  • Integrated spark arrestor
  • High efficiency PTFE filter cartridges
  • Dual pulse cleaning technology
  • Flexible installation
  • Easy maintenance and filter change
  • Plug & play


Laser cutting
Plasma cutting
Laser welding
Manual welding
Manual grinding
Non-explosive fine dust
Installation Options: Fire suppression; Smoke detection; HEPA; One-side service access.

Description: The Quantum Series is a compact and powerful, fine dust collector designed for the metal fabrication, thermal cutting and welding markets. The Quantum Series’ integrated spark arrestor and improved filter design allows this unit to provide the highest levels of efficiency and safety. Quantum Series product shot facing left. Designed to take up the minimum possible floor space, the Quantum Series can be located close to your processes in order to minimize ductwork and reduce fire hazards created by sparks. Built with decades of proven filtration industry knowledge and expertise, the Camfil APC Quantum Series includes design features and high-end technology which has been tested and proven in our range of market-leading dust and fume collectors. Incorporating Camfil APC’s advanced filter design, the Quantum Series prevents the common filter failures suffered by competitive collectors. A patent pending filter segmenting and volume displacement design improves pulse cleaning efficiency and reduces the chance for re-entrainment and clogging, while also reducing pulsing energy and noise. A strategically placed and fully integrated spark arrestor allows for higher separation efficiency and smaller footprint.

Spark arrestor: As sparks can cause poor performance, damage the collector and filter media or present a fire hazard, many dust collectors require an external spark arrestor that is expensive and requires more floor space. The Quantum Series has been designed to avoid these issues.

Key Aspects: Integrated in the unit; Cyclonic separation of fine laser dust and metal sparks; Coarse, hot particles collected in separate bin; •1500 m³/h - 6000 m³/h; Unique, patent pending design