Founding, build up & pioneering phases
Where it all started

In Tune With The Times


It all started with a mission to protect people from bad air. In Sweden, high-quality air filters were required for the planned nuclear power stations, however, there were none available in Europe with the level of quality required by the research centre in Studsvik. Thus, Gösta Larson, working for a small air handling unit company, was asked to find a solution and turned to Cambridge Filter Corporation in the USA. Together with Cambridge Filter, Gösta Larson met the rigorous requirements, and Camfil AB was founded.


Sales in the Nordic region were growing, and an export sales organisation was established 1966 to increase sales to the export markets in Europe. As sales volumes increased, Camfil established a subsidiary in Germany and expanded business by working through agents in Switzerland.


The relevance and demand for air filters continually increased and during the summer of 1968, Camfil moved to a new factory building in Trosa, Sweden. 


In 1969, the decision to start our own production in Germany was made and the old stocking factory in Reinfeld offered enough space to set up production of Airosolve and Absolute filters in 1970. The agent in Switzerland was acquired, and Camfil established the second subsidiary with many more to be established.  


Camfil became the first air filtration company in Europe to invest in their own test rig.