Gold Series Camtain

  • Designed specifically for pharmaceutical and containment applications
  • Bag-in/bag-out safe change options available.
  • High efficiency collector using HemiPleat cartridges
  • Modular design for optimum flexibility
  • Customised for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Simple cartridge replacement using quick release cam bars


The Farr Gold Series® Camtain® is used in a wide range of pharmaceutical applications including tablet presses, coating, fluid bed and spray drying, blending, granulation and general ventilation. Contact Camfil for more information
Options: A wide variety of options are available including: BIBO (bag in-bag out) for Pharmaceutical Applications, Explosion Venting, Special Inlet Designs, Custom Colours, Stainless Steel Construction, Alternative Hopper Designs etc. please contact us with your specific requirements
Cartridges: Vertically mounted to shed dust readily for efficient cleaning and longer service life. High filtration efficiency meeting the 5 mg/m³ or less emissions required to re-circulate the air back into the work place on non hazardous dusts

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Camtain® Contains Explosive Pharma Dust

Case Study: Camtain Contains Explosive Pharma Dust. A multinational pharmaceutical company needed a dust extraction system for their new tableting suite in Spain. The suite comprised of six rooms, each with its own tablet machine that created explosive dusts.

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