Local Engineered Solutions

The Camfil Australia team is experienced in supplying specialty and custom engineered solutions for a wide range of industries. No matter the size or complexity of your air filtration needs, we can provide sound advice and recommend appropriate solutions to meet your requirements and budget.

odour control systems

Camfil Australia can provide custom engineered odour control solutions, as well as testing and maintenance services for the environmental and wastewater treatment market. The Camfil Australia team holds decades of experience supporting clients from design through to commissioning for a range of large-scale custom odour control systems and mobile odour control units.

gaseous filtration systems

Drum Scrubbers

Camfil Australia can offer custom self-contained air cleaning systems designed for removal of odorous gases found at pump stations, lift stations, wet wells, force mains and wastewater treatment plants. Various sizes are available for low to moderate load applications.

Emergency Gas Scrubbers

Camfil Australia can offer custom self-contained air cleaning systems designed to control catastrophic gas releases from 68 kg to over 2,727 kg. Emergency Gas Scrubbers mitigate risk to human lives by preventing the spread of toxic gas in the event of a system or storage cylinder leak. Emergency Gas Scrubbers can provide immediate removal of chlorine, sulphur dioxide or ammonia gas and are built for indoor and outdoor installations with minimal maintenance required.

Front Access Frames

Camfil Australia’s Front Access Frames are a modular solution designed to house Camfil’s v-cell molecular filters, including the CamCarb VG 300 and CamCarb VG 440. The Front Access Frames can be configured to meet any size or space requirement and utilises a unique clamping mechanism to guarantee the elimination of air bypass between both frame and module. Constructed from 1.6mm galvanised steel and powder coated for added protection, Camfil Australia's Front Access Frames are suitable for use within commercial and light industrial applications.

Side Access Systems

Camfil Australia’s Side Access Systems are designed to remove both particulate and gaseous pollutants for general odour and corrosion control in commercial and industrial environments. Designed and manufactured locally within Australia, these custom units can be tailored to suit your specific requirements for staged particulate and molecular filtration.

controlled airflow systems

Camfil Australia supply quality laminar flow hoods and cleanroom air purity systems. Our engineers are fully conversant not only with the technological aspects of laminar flow air quality control but with the different standards that apply to each application.

Pass Boxes & Pass Through Hatches

Pass boxes / pass through hatches are designed to allow the transfer of materials to or from adjoining rooms whilst protecting critical or controlled environments. Typical installations include the walls of cleanrooms and biological containment laboratories whereby materials must be transferred with minimal loss of room pressure and without the need for personnel movement between rooms.

A wide variety of sizes and variations of pass boxes / pass through hatches are available to suit specific needs and requirements. A reliable electrical or mechanical door interlocking system prevents cross-contamination by making it impossible to open the front & rear doors at the same time.

Standard features:

  • 1.6mm thick powder coated steel body construction
  • 5mm thick transparent view safety glass windows provide visibility into the interior
  • Electronic door interlocking system
  • Airtight, durable door seals


  • 1.2mm thick 304/316 stainless steel body construction
  • 304/316 stainless steel wall and floor panels with crevice-free, coved corners for easy cleaning
  • Mechanical door interlocking system
  • Timed interlocking
  • HEPA / ULPA filter for laminar air flow type or air shower type pass box.
  • Fan assisted
  • Control panel with alarm, indicators and intercom system accessories

Laminar Air Down-Flow Units, Cabinets, Booths & Ceilings

Laminar air down-flow ceilings create a controlled environment of ultra clean air classed as Grade A to ISO14644.1-2002. This is typically designed to protect personnel, products and adjoining areas, and is necessary for certain medical procedures such as patient vial filling.

Laminar air down-flow booths create a controlled environment for the sampling, grinding, dispensing and filling processes typically used in pharmaceutical, fine chemical and food industries.

Air Showers

Air showers are enclosures specifically designed for removing surface particles from personnel or materials prior to entering a cleanroom work area. They are typically installed between the change room area and the cleanroom and are used for demanding applications in the pharmaceutical, semiconductor, animal research and food processing markets.

An air shower is a high velocity, low pressure type system, providing a normal entrance to and exit from a contamination controlled area. Air showers supply concentrated HEPA filtered air in high velocity jets that lift off contamination while an individual stands in, or walks through, the specially constructed air chamber. When the unit is activated, pressurised filtered air streams from adjustable nozzles at a velocity between 22 and 26 m/sec ensuring efficient scrubbing action necessary to remove particulate matter.

Nozzles are arranged on walls and ceilings in a uniform pattern to ensure effective distribution of filtered air. The closed loop circulation design directs contaminated air downward through grills and hollow walls of the air shower and back to the filter, which removes 99.99% of all particles down to 0.3 microns.

Interlocking doors prevent unnecessary contamination inflow and thereby prevent cross-contamination of the cleanroom and the air shower. A power failure safety feature automatically releases the doors in the event of a power failure to ensure operator safety. Fluorescent lighting built into the ceiling to allow unimpeded air circulation and ensures full visibility no matter what configuration or design is selected. In addition, an emergency stop button is supplied on each air shower with an optional audible alarm which releases the door lock for exiting.


  • Main body construction: heavy gauge steel or 304SS with 304SS floor to minimise particle generation
  • Optional powder coating to a range of colours to suit customer specifications
  • Double door model, allows movement of carts and large equipment into cleanroom area
  • Emergency stop button
  • Power failure safety function
  • Interior fluorescent lighting and flush mounted windows
  • Programmable microprocessor control, touch panel, and timer with LED display
  • Running and clean mode indicators fitted on front & rear doors
  • Optional timer, which deactivates interlock system 5 seconds after air shower clean mode has finished
  • Optional audio system
  • Custom sizes are readily available