Cam-Flo XMGT

  • Non-discharging synthetic media
  • High mechanical strength for turbulent airflow
  • Optimized filter area with conical filter bags
  • Maximum surface use & high dust holding capacity
  • Incinerable bags
  • ICON3 efficiency guarantee
  • ICON23 Eurovent_no_abc
  • ICON31 Mount_bagfilters
Item Type ISO/PM rating Filter Class EN779 Filter Class ASHRAE Width (mm) Height (mm) Depth (mm) Airflow (m3/h) Pressure drop Initial (Pa) Weight (kg)
XMGT ePM10 70% M6 MERV 12 592 592 640 4250 96 3
XMGT ePM2,5 55% F7 MERV 13 592 592 640 4250 120 3


Installations exposed to turbulence and harsh environments
Galvanised steel
Max temperature (°C)
Recommended final pressure drop
450 Pa
Dimension standard
Filter front dimensions according EN 15805
Additional information: Available in half - and special size filters on request.
Filter Class ASHRAE

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