Media Rolls

  • CM:
  • Smooth airflow through paint booths
  • Progressively built up thermal bonded polyester fibre
  • CDM 600:
  • Thermal bonded polyester fibre
  • Enhances laminar air flow patterns
  • Treated with special adhesive to prevent dust loss due to vibration
  • ICON7
  • ICON8
ISO rating ISO 16890 Filter Class EN779 Pressure drop Initial (Pa)
Coarse 50% G3
Coarse 50% G3 30
Coarse 50% G3
Coarse 50% G3 45
Coarse 60% G4
Coarse 60% G4
Coarse 60% G4
Coarse 60% G4
Coarse 85% M5
Coarse 85% M5 85
Coarse 85% M5 85


CM: For use as a prefilter in air conditioning, and spray booth ventilation
CDM: For fine filtration in air conditioning devices and installations, particularly final filtration in Automotive spray booths and drying cabinets.
Glass fiber, Synthetic
Relative Humidity
Temperature max: 80ºC - 100ºC maximum in continuous service
Fire Rating: DIN53438 class F1 for CM, UL 900 for CDM