CamSafe 2

A tight filter housing for contamination-free filter change, designed for applications with moderate to high safety demands possible to order with manual scan system.

  • Modularity and Flexibility
  • High security guarantee: class 3 ISO10648-2 at +/- 6000Pa
  • Filter clamping "Twice the Security" (patented)
  • High operator protection by BIBO
  • Fully welded
  • ICON22 creo
Item Type Width (mm) Height (mm) Depth (mm) Dimensions Width (mm) Dimensions Height (mm) Dimensions Depth (mm) Pre Filter Depth (mm) Pre Filter Height (mm) Pre filter Width (mm)
Camsafe 2/305 730 535 510 305 610 292
Camsafe 2/305* 730 790 510 305 610 292 48 610 305
Camsafe 2/610 730 535 815 610 610 292
Camsafe 2/610* 730 790 815 610 610 292 48 610 610
Camsafe 2/762 730 535 964 762 610 292
Camsafe 2/762* 730 790 964 762 610 292 48 610 762
Camsafe plastic bag (PF)
Camsafe plastic bag (F)


Exhaust of contaminated air (particles, microorganisms, molecules), filter changing in secure plastic bag: Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Hospitals, Laboratories biosafety, animal facilities
Construction: 2mm steel airtight welded
Finish: White epoxy painted baked RAL 9010 70μm
Filter frame: Continuous welded
For filters: Filters 292mm depth particle Opakair, AbsoluteTM and carbon Acticarb and 48mm depth Prefilters kind AeroPleat, EcoPleat, MPleat
Filters mounting : Fast filter clamping by cam factory set, equipped with a "twice security" both on clamping frame and door: impossible to clamp the filter if not correctly positioned and impossible to close the door if the filter is not clamped
Connection: Rectangular flanges pre-drilled
Pressure ports: Locations provided upstream and downstream (pressure port kit to be ordered separately)
Performance: Housing qualified +/- 6000Pa: Class 3 acc. to ISO 10648-2, L1 acc. to EN1886, Class D acc. to EN12237, Class C acc. to Eurovent 2/2
Max penetration gasket frame at 600Pa:<0.01% by ISO14644-3
Accessories: Safe change bag with integrated o-ring sealable (FPA0466), Gaskets and bolting kit (FPA1108), Connecting ducts 1-6 housing in parallel for high flow rates (FPA1107), Pressure test kit (FPA0526)
Option: Stainless steel, factory mounting full or partial, individual factory tests with test report