Housings, frames & louvres

Housings, frames & louvres

Camfil’s high-quality filters and terminal housings are critical components of an optimal filtration solution. Designed for outstanding performance, they are tested to required standards such as ISO 10648, ISO 14644, EN 15722 and EN 1886 to guarantee high tightness and leakage classes.

From holding frames to fully scannable filter safety housings, we provide a broad range of products for a variety of applications. You will find safety filter housings mainly in the exhaust air in biosafety laboratories, hospitals and applications that require contamination-free filter change. The ducted filter housings, mainly used in the supply air, offer many different filter options for particulate and molecular filtration. The terminal filter housings, which contain HEPA filters, are designed to fit in a variety of applications to fully GMP compliant terminal solutions.

Filters are placed in holding frames to assure a rigid and durable frame assembly for built-up bank HVAC level application. Louvers are designed to protect the ventilation duct and air handling units (AHU) in the building. The fan filter units with integrated fan and HEPA filter bring localized clean air and are mainly used in Life Science and healthcare.
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Safe change filter housings are mainly used in the exhaust air in biosafety laboratories, hospitals and applications where contamination-free filter change is required.

Our ducted filter housing is mainly used in the supply air for a wide variety of applications and can be used in exhaust air applications where contamination-free filter change with plastic bag is not required.

Camfil offers a wide range of terminal HEPA housings with premium HEPA and ULPA filters for turbulent ventilated cleanrooms.

Filter Fan units are flexible and economic solutions to remove particles from the recirculated air of turbulent or unidirectional ventilated cleanrooms.

Weather louvres are installed in the air intake on the building facade and protect the HVAC system against rain and leaves.

Filter holding frames are used to hold HVAC filters, individually or to construct filter bank arrangements.