molecular contamination control
Air filters for harmful gases & odors

Molecular Contamination Control

Camfil Molecular Contamination Control (MCC) operates globally in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. The MCC division delivers molecular filtration solutions in light processes, industrial applications, cleanrooms and large installations concerned with indoor air quality, such as airports.

You’ve probably heard about sulphur dioxide, hydrogen sulphide, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, kerosene, formaldehyde and ammonia. How about polyaromatic hydrocarbons, volatile organic compounds (VOC), benzene, isocyanates and siloxanes? These are a few examples of chemicals present in gas form in the atmosphere either outdoor or inside buildings. They all require molecular filtration to protect people, processes or machinery, or simply to remove odours. In fact, there are more than 130 million registered chemicals in the world today, and our list of references and applications keeps growing.

Additionally, we are a world leader in molecular filtration for nuclear facilities and special applications requiring safe change housings.


The corrosion control product range is supported by a comprehensive range of filters, sales tools and site services. We are a leading manufacturer of UL-certified activated alumina adsorbents (CamPure™) as well as plastic modules (CamCarb™), housings for filters and adsorbents (PSSA, VDBs) or analytical services (corrosion coupons, ISA Check online monitors, media post-mortem tests).

For the last 20 years, we have revolutionised molecular contamination control in microelectronic facilities with the introduction of GigaPleat™, the cleanest product on the market designed for cleanroom applications where activated carbon particle emissions and outgassing cannot be tolerated. GigaPleat is available with a wide range of adsorbent media such as ion exchange resins or activated carbon, adapted to the different chemicals observed in microelectronic facilities including, acids, bases, condensables, oxidants, VOC, dopants and refractory compounds.

Heavy-duty products are most often applied to the exhaust field with a range of so-called deep bed products (ProCarb) for high loads and/or very high removal-efficiency requirements, as well as containment applications (ActiCarb). Finally, our versatile product line also includes combination filters for air handling units with limited space to control both particulate matter and gaseous chemicals within a single filter stage (CityCarb).

All these products are specially designed and tested with chemicals relevant to each application. Our unique ISO 10121 molecular test rigs for full filter sizes as well as our lifetime calculation and design software bear witness to our 55 years of experience in this field and help to ensure proper dimensioning and guaranteed results.