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Molecular Contamination Control

Laboratory service

The molecular media test rig and the unique full-scale chemical filter test rig at our corporate head-quarters in Trosa, Sweden and Ipoh, Malaysia are examples of the significant investment made in the field of molecular filtration. In this unique facility, full size gas filters operated in the rig under a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions and challenged with different gases according to ISO 10121-1 and 10121-2. The efficiency and life are determined using an array of sophisticated gas detection equipment.

molecular air tests


  • Local lab (for Europe) 
  • Offline measurements (2 to 6 hours sampling)
  • Detection and quantitation of various VOC. Broader detection than Gigacheck or Citycheck. 
  • Local lab (for Europe)
  • Offline measurement (2 to 6 hours sampling)
  • Detectors of ions (F-, CI-, NO2, NO3-, SO42-, PO42-, NH4+)


  • Offline, passive sampling
  • VOC (benzene, toluene, octane, butyl acetate, ethyl benzene, xylene and nonane)
  • Acids (H2S, SO2, NO2, NO, HNO3,)
  • Bases (NH3)
  • Organic acids (HCl, HF, SO2, Acetic acid, Formic acid).
  • O3
  • Sampling time 1 day-1 month depending on application
  • Lead time 4 weeks (delivery of sampler 3 days + report)

GigaCheck box samplers


  • Offline, passive sampling
  • Gives corrosion levels according to ISA Standard 71.04-2013
  • Sampling time 30 days
  • Lead time (delivery item 3 days + report 10 days)
  • Coupon analysis made in Trosa, Malaysia or USA

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