Handte Oil Expert

The Handte Oil Expert is a high-efficient modular oil mist extraction system which separates ultra-fine mists and fumes generated from industrial machine tools. Multiple filter stages and an optimized filter design ensures the best possible drainage of separated aerosols which significantly increases the lifetime of the filter elements.

  • Modular design for flexible configuration and different air volumes
  • Progressive filtration design for highest separation efficiency
  • Collection efficiency at 99,95% on particle size 0,3 micron and higher
  • Innovative self-cleaning CoaPack filter elements
  • Low maintenance and easy toolless filter change
  • Suitable for continuous 3-shift operation



Due to its high degree of flexibility, the oil mist extractor Handte Oil Expert can be used with different industrial machining processes like cutting, drilling, grinding, milling, turning, roughing, broaching, honing, rolling, deep-drawing, pressing.
Installation options
By combining different basic modules it is possible to design economically efficient central extraction systems for air volumes up to 70,000 m³/h (41,000 cfm) or more. The modular concept of the mist extraction system provides smooth, cost-efficient production conversions or extensions during ongoing operation.
The CoaPack filter element combines maximum filter area with a compact design. The construction ensures a homogeneous flow and optimal utilization of diffusion and coalescence - a significant separation mechanism for fine oil mist. The small load acting on the filter surface
reduces the energy consumption and significantly increases the service life of the filter element. The powerful filtration of the mist extraction units Handte Oil Expert are attributable to the maximum possible balance between separation performance and regeneration of the separated cooling lubricant from the filter media. This goal is achieved by using drainage-friendly materials in connection with special drainage support mats, protective screens, and spacers. The flow direction of the filter media further supports the draining of the dirty air.

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