Handte EM Expert

The mist separator Handte EM Expert is a high-efficient extraction system for the separation of fine coolant mist and fumes from high speed / high pressure machining processes. The mist extractor is built-up with a multi-stage filtration and self-cleaning filter elements to ensure maximum process reliability and long filter life.

  • Highly efficient, multi-stage filtration
  • Self-cleaning filtration media using the drainage effect
  • Flexible and modular design
  • Multiple units can be combined for bigger air volumes
  • Optional HEPA filter available
  • Suitable for continuous 3-shift operation


The Handte EM Expert extracts and separates coolant mist from industrial applications like turning, drilling, milling, cutting, roughing or grinding.
Installation options
Designed as a modular system, different modules of the coolant mist separator Handte EM Expert can be combined to a larger central extraction system for larger air volumes. Also the system can be extended afterwards according to the growth of the production capacity to meet the customers requirements at every time.
The CoaPack filter elements combine maximum filter area with a compact design. The construction ensures a homogeneous flow and optimal utilisation of diffusion and coalescence - a significant separation mechanism for ultra-fine coolant mists. The small load acting on the filter surface reduces the energy consumption and significantly increases the service life of the filter elements.
The high filtration efficiency of the coolant mist extraction units Handte EM Expert are attributable to the maximum possible balance between separation performance and regeneration of the separated cooling lubricants from the filter media. This goal is achieved by using drainage-friendly materials in connection with special drainage support mats, protective screens, and spacers. The separated cooling lubricant is released from the filter media and drains to the fluid return sump at the base of the unit. Through either a recirculation pump or siphon, the collected coolant can be returned for treatment, reuse or disposal. The flow direction of the filter media further supports the draining of the dirty air.

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