The compact dust and fume collector Quantum is especially designed to extract emissions from industrial applications like manual grinding and welding. The small footprint allows installation close to the process what reduces costs for the ductwork. The Quantum dust collectors are equipped with an integrated spark arrestor to protect the filter elements from hot coarse particles and an optional smoke detector which ensures high process availability. The advanced filter design and the dual pulse cleaning system ensure best separation efficiency especially with fine dust.

  • Integrated spark arrestor
  • Dual pulse cleaning technology
  • Efficient PTFE filter cartridges
  • Integrated, sound-insulated fan
  • Integrated control system
  • Three sizes – small footprint
  • Air volume from 1,500 m³/h up to 5,500 m³/h (900 - 3,200 cfm)
  • Plug & play


Manual welding.
Manual grinding
Non-explosive fine dust
Installation options
- The system is available in three different sizes, handling air volumes from 1,500 m³/h up to 5,500 m³/h (900 cfm - 3,200 cfm).
- The small footprint of the dust collectors allow flexible installation close to the process what reduces costs for ductwork.
- Each model size can be configured to meet the specific challenges faced by the customer
- Plug & play
Innovative Dual-Pulse Cleaning System:
- Unique dual section design prevents accumulation of dust on top of filters
- Provides uninterrupted airflow during pulse cleaning
- Provides longer filter life
- Reduced compressed air consumption
- High efficiency PTFE filter cartridges

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