Gold Series X-Flo

The Gold Series X-Flo dust collectors handle all kinds of harmful and combustible dusts, smoke and fumes, including fine, fibrous and heavy dust loads from various industrial applications. The modular extraction system delivers maximum airflow and dust processing power for any given footprint, reducing air consumption up to 70%. Gold Series X-Flo dust collectors are tested to meet ATEX & NFPA standards and available with different explosion and fire protection options.

  • Easily customised modular design
  • Individual modules accommodate airflows up to 10,000 m³/h (5,882 cfm) each
  • Vertical positioned filter cartridges with more downward-facing media
  • Uniform airflow that extends filter lifetime
  • Tested to meet ATEX and NFPA standards



Gold Series X-Flo dust collectors help you to extract and clean process exhaust air from different industrial applications such as:
- Metalworking: Abrasive blasting, laser & plasma cutting, thermal spray, welding
- Food & Beverage: Seed processing, cereals, spices, grains, flours, starches
- Chemical Processing: Plastics, paper, fiberglass, other composites
- Mining: Copper, rock crushing, venting of storage, excavating
- eMobility: Mixing, calendaring, slitting, unwinding & coating
- Paper & Cardboard: Slitting, baling, shredding, trimming, recycling
Installation options
The Gold Series X-Flo industrial dust and fume collectors can easily be customised for your specific work environment. Individual modules accommodate airflows up to 10,000 m³/h each, providing a near-limitless variety of configurations.

The extraction system is available with different explosion and fire protection options including explosion vents, passive or active isolation valves, chemical isolation systems, integrated safety monitoring filters, anti-static and fire-retardant filter cartridges selected to best suit each application.
Gold Cone™ X-Flo filter cartridges use our proprietary Gold Cone inner pleat pack to stay cleaner and last longer than conventional pleated filters. This open-bottomed, inner cone of media greatly expands the usable surface area of the cartridge. HemiPleat technology is our unique approach to creating highly efficient pleated filter media that exposes more media to the airstream, so more dust is loaded on the filter and then released when pulse-cleaned.

Each Gold Cone X-Flo filter cartridge contains 34.8 m² of media, offering the industry’s highest effective filtration rate. This means fewer filters are required for a given application. The filters were designed specifically for the Gold Series X-Flo dust collector. Used together, you get the most powerful and cost efficient dust collection system on the market. The innovative system maximises airflow while minimising filter changeouts, compressed air usage, pressure drop and energy costs.

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